Everything is in the cell phone

1. Download the SafeBikely app and register as a user.

You must register a valid debit card although some parking spaces may be free.

2. Find available bike companies on the map.

The number at each location indicates how many cabinets are available at that time.

You can also use the search function in the upper right corner to search for addresses or cities.

3. Touch the desired location.

Price and opening hours are shown here. Notice if it says start rate or per hour.

Example: Here it costs NOK 10 per hour, after hour 2.
NOTE! If price is not stated, it is free.

4. Reserve.

You will automatically receive 1 hour advance booking upon booking.

Remember to cancel the reservation if you do not use it.

5. Unlock assigned bike carrier.

Press the unlock button in the app when standing next to the bike carrier, confirm by touching the bike icon on the lock.

The cycling company is open for 10 seconds each time you unlock. You can unlock the closet as many times as you want as long as you have active parking. So you can put away your shopping bag and continue your errands. Touch the blue arrow in the bottom right corner to find the direction of the location.

6. Back on your bike.

Some bikes may be a bit longer than the bike lockers - turn the bike handlebars so that the tire fits within the frame.

You are responsible for closing the door properly. If you suspect any problems, contact us via the Talk-to-Us feature in the app.

7. Exit parking.

After completing the rental, you will not be able to access the bike shop. So remember, therefore, to terminate the rent after that you have picked out your bike. A receipt can be found in the menu.

When making a reservation, you are assigned a random bicycle company for security reasons, so you are not guaranteed to get the same bicycle company if you have forgotten something in the closet.

8. Thanks for riding!

For help, questions or input, contact us info@safebikely.comor send us a message in the SafeBikely app. We appreciate all the rice and praise.
Thanks for riding!