Smart bike lockers

SafeBikely is the next generation bicycle parking. It offers a secure and dry storage with access from your smartphone.

Integrate SafeBikely in your public transport apps or services already in place.

Expand to other locations based on statistics. We can adjust to your needs quickly with a short lead time.

Complete overview of your locations. Get statistics and insights from user data. Make adjustments and optimize your investment.

The bike lockers are deployed without access to electricity or grid infrastructure. Cyclists gain easy access through the app.


“I’m tired of having bicycle rims and equipment stolen. I would gladly pay for such services”

Trond, Oslo

“A fabulous bike locker solution in the city center. This can motivate more people to bike”

Bjørg, Trondheim

“Secure bicycle parking is one concern less”

Ahmed, Trondheim

“Brilliant solution”

Magnus, Kristiansand

“This is awesome!! Satisfied after trying it for the first time today. Highly recommended”

Guri, Trondheim

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